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WINE & DINE’M CATERING (SCS TRADING) General and Specific Conditions & Terms


Definitions - In these conditions, the following shall apply unless the context otherwise required:
(a) “Wine & Dine’m Catering” means SCS Trading (QLD) Pty Ltd (ABN 71 162 590 196).

(b) “SCS Trading” and “Wine & Dine’m” refers to the entity at, 108 Norman St, Woolloongabba 4102.

(c) “Facilities” or “Location” means the venue and/or any area set out in the catering agreement or by the client where catering services are being provided by Wine & Dine’m.

(d) “Client” means the person or organisation entering into this agreement with Wine & Dine’m. The Client is the signatory and is unconditionally liable for any monies owed under the terms of the agreement.

(e) “Event charges” mean all charges applicable to a function including food and beverage and any other charges.

(f) “Projected Function Costs” mean the sum reasonably estimated by Wine & Dine’m to be the total cost of the function.

(g) A “business day” or “Working day” means the days between and including Monday to Friday and do not include public holidays and weekends.

The Client is responsible for all venue/site booking & requirements. The Client is responsible and subject to the venue’s agreements and terms and conditions.
Any specific venue/location terms and conditions that may affect any
services of Wine & Dine’m must be disclosed by the client at the time of booking.


Food and beverage menus are quoted exclusive of service staff, equipment hire and delivery charges unless otherwise indicated.


(a) Upon receiving an inquiry for information and request for catering and services, a catering agreement will be supplied to the client

(b) Confirmation will only occur when Wine & Dine’m receives a signed catering agreement, 25% deposit & credit card details to be kept on file for event incidentals/security.

(c) Wine & Dine’m reserves the right to cancel a booking if a signed catering agreement, 25% deposit & credit card details are not received in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

(d) Wine & Dine’m catering proposals are all valid for one (1) calendar month from their date of issue. After this date another proposal may need to be issued should you wish to proceed with confirmation.


5.1 Terms of Payment Non approved credit
(a) Once confirmation has been made by the Client, and approved by Wine
& Dine’m in line with 4 (c) a 25% deposit of projected function costs will be required along with credit card details to be kept on file for event incidentals/security
(b) Ten (10) working days prior to the event a further 50% (totalling 75% deposit) of the quoted amount will be required.
(c) Final balance owing (“the estimated final tax invoice”) will be invoiced three (3) working days prior to the event and will be required to be finalised prior to the event date.

Remittance advice is mandatory for all direct transfers.
(d) The client agrees for any event incidentals or beverage consumption charges to be charged to the credit card on file after the event, only if the client fails to pay the final invoice within three (3) business days from the function date. A separate invoice will be sent detailing additional costs/outstanding balance the next business day after the event.

5.2 Terms of Payment Approved credit arrangements
(a) Clients approved for a credit arrangement by the management of
Wine & Dine’m are required to provide details for credit request form OR credit card details within the payment confirmation email to confirm the Event. Credit request forms must be submitted more than one (1) month from the function date for approval by Wine & Dine’m management and finance.

(b) Full event charges and any additional charges incurred during the event will be invoiced by Wine & Dine’m at the conclusion of the function (“the final tax invoice”) and is payable within ten (10) business days.
(c) If the Client does not fulfil the payment obligations specified in the terms of the agreement, Wine &
Dine’m has the right to pursue immediate action for recovery of monies owed.

5.3 Methods of Payment (a)Acceptable methods of payment are cash, direct deposit, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard and bank cheque.
Please note that for all credit card payments a surcharge of total transaction value inclusive of GST will be applied.
(b) Failure to pay an invoice within the terms as noted on the invoice will imply that the client agrees to pay 
costs of a collection agency or a solicitor for recovery.

 5.4 Cancellation / Postponement (a) In the regrettable circumstances that a Client cancels an event/order, Wine & Dine’m shall be entitled to the following payment:

- If the cancellation or postponement is notified 31 days or more prior to the event date Wine & Dine’m will offer a full refund of the deposit however a 3% admin fee of projected function costs will be charged.

- Between ten (10) business days & 30 days from function date a 25% deposit shall be retained, with postponement option considered once received in writing to your Event Manager.

- Between four (4) business days and nine (9) business days of function/event date, 75% of projected function costs will be retained by Wine & Dine’m.

- If the cancellation is notified (3) three business days or less prior to the date of the function, 100% of the projected event charges shall be payable by the client.

(b) An event cancellation will only be accepted if received in writing.
(c) An event postponement will only be considered if received in writing and discussed with the management
of Wine & Dine’m.

5.5 Termination
Wine & Dine’m may terminate this agreement immediately upon giving notice to the Client if:
(a) The Client breaches any material provision of this agreement;
(b) Wine & Dine’m become aware of conditions under which the holding of the function could jeopardise public/staff safety or involve an unacceptable risk of personal injury or damage to property.


(a) Final confirmed guest numbers and final dietary requirements are required via email to your event manager by 12pm four (4) business

days out from your event date. This will be the minimum number of guests that will be charged for.
(b) Final confirmed menu selections must be provided to your event manager via email by 12pm ten (10) business days prior to your event date.

(c) If the confirmed guest numbers increase within 36 hours prior to the event Wine & Dine’m will do our best to accommodate this change but can not guarantee menu selection. A last minute rush fee may apply.


All staff are charged on a minimum call - chef's for 4 hours, supervisors/waitstaff for 3 hours. Quoted staff hours are an estimate and may vary depending on final menu selection, guest numbers, venue requirements, event/function duration & actual on the day event proceedings. Any additional staffing costs will be charged in the final invoice.


Wine & Dine’m reserves the right to impose a minimum head/spend policy. The minimum head policy applies to catering (food and beverage) costs only. The Client will be notified of minimum head requirements when the catering agreement is developed.


Please note that a surcharge applies on staffing, food, beverage and all event costs held on Public Holidays, whether or not the Public Holiday is gazetted at the time of confirmation.


(a) Whilst all care will be taken to provide special meals to meet all dietary requirements, Wine & Dine’m is unable to guarantee that any meal

will be 100% free of all traces of nuts, dairy, gluten or other products that may produce allergic reactions in certain people. For extreme allergies, special arrangements must be discussed with your Event Manager. (b) All dietary requirements must be communicated to the Event Manager by 12pm four (4) business days out from your event date.
(c) Whilst all care will be taken to identify guests who have requested a special dietary meal, the responsibility lies with the guest to identify themselves to service staff. (d) Should guest dietary requirements exceed 20% of the total pax, a custom menu will need to be discussed and selected with the Event Manager and charges may apply.

All prices quoted are in Australian dollars. Individual items and services exclude 10% goods and services tax. Any taxes applicable shall be based in the catering agreement or invoice.


Prices are quoted on current costs, and may be subject to alteration at any time. Wine & Dine’m reserves the right to change or remove menu items based upon seasonal availability and CPI increases.


Should the Client require an event to run according to a specific schedule, the Client must provide the necessary information (draft version acceptable) by 12pm at least ten (10) business days prior to the function date. A finalised agenda is required no later than by 12pm four (4) business days prior to the event. If this information is not received by this time, Wine & Dine’m will assume that the originally specified details are correct, and run the event accordingly.


(a) Wine & Dine’m provide beverage menus including options for beverage packages and consumption.
(b) Beverages on consumption may include minimum spend as detailed in section 8.

(c) Supplying your own beverages is subject to approval by your Event Manager and chosen venue. Supplying your own beverages will incur a corkage fee and may also incur a handling fee.


Wine & Dine’m have preferred suppliers for all AV, theming, equipment hire and like requirements. Speak with your Event Manager for further details.


(a) The following information must be conveyed to your Event Manager at least ten (10) business days prior to the event date

  • -  The telephone number and names of venue contacts

  • -  Expected time of staff and guest arrival

  • -  Equipment requirements; and

  • -  A list of all areas that Wine & Dine’m will require access to.

    (b) Final details and function run schedule must be provided as per section 13. And include bump in and bump out timings.

    (c) Bump in and bump out costs are dependant on venue access and storage and may vary.


Wine & Dine’m may cancel a booking at any time if an emergency, threat or danger is present to any person or damage to property of business exists. Wine & Dine’m may cancel a booking at any time if the use of the facility or venue is prohibited or hindered by any industrial action. Deposits paid by the client will be refunded partially or in full as is appropriate.


(a) Delivery charges apply to all catering, equipment and any additional items that may be required for the event. This includes venue access bump in and bump out availability.

(b) All delivery and staff travel charges are based on travel time or distance.
(c) Losses and breakages due to client or guest negligence will be invoiced for full replacement cost on
“final invoice” balance within three (3) working days after event/function.


Waste will not be taken off site/venue by Wine & Dine’m unless otherwise arranged with Management of Wine & Dine’m. Clients must arrange with the site/venue to ensure appropriate waste removal facilities are provided. If Wine & Dine’m are responsible for removing waste from site, additional charges will apply.


Wine & Dine’m reserves the right to determine the security required for any function.


Wine & Dine’m promotes and enforces a stringent Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy. Wine & Dine’m reserves the right to refuse service to any person or persons, or cancel an event in accordance with that policy. The company is licensed to sell Liquor until 12.00am midnight after which time no alcohol will be served. All guests will be checked on arrival for proof of age where alcohol is being consumed.


Wine & Dine’m maintains public liability policies. However, it is necessary for the Client to arrange their own insurance cover for property damage and public liability, where it could be considered their liability.


This Agreement is to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and State of Queensland.


The Client must keep all information concerning Wine & Dine’m confidential and not use or disclose confidential information other than when exercising its rights under this agreement.